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Reading Pile: 10/9/13

Batman Black and White, Infinity, Uber, & Forever Evil Arkham War

Batman Black and White #2-JG Jones’ artwork in the first chapter is great, which is to be expected. I just really need Dan Didio to stop writing comics, and I’m very much against the idea of Batman purposely letting loose a creature to kill someone and just watching it happen. It's not a good sign that the co-publisher of the company doesn’t actually get Batman. The Rafael Gramp and Rafael Albuquerque chapters where nice art showcases with the stories being kind of throw away pieces.The Jeff Lemire and Alex Nino portion was interesting if a little messy. Hands down the best piece of the issue is the Michael Uslan and Dave Bullock story at the end. Visually it’s amazing and captures a great pulp noir fiction style. Overall though this issue was much weaker than the first issue, but if you just look at it as an art showcase then it’s a much better package. I still want to figure out who is writing the creator bios and smack them in the head though, those things are generally obnoxious. B

Infinity #4- Finally, the story took a good step forward from the basic alien invasion plot and moved towards something a little more interesting and innovative. The Thanos/Inhumans portion of the story is by far the most interesting aspect and it kicked into gear with a nice battle drawn by Dustin Weaver. Still, there’s only two issues left to go and I’m curious to see how Hickman utilizes this momentum shift to his advantage. B

Uber #6- This is exactly what I was waiting to see happen for this title and it only increases my interest in the series. Gillen switches gears and visits the Pacific Theater, answering the question on whether he’s going to play with the concept of superhumans during WWII as weapons escalation. By inserting Japanese metahumans into that portion of WWII he opens a whole messy bag of alternate history possibilities, and I am the exact sucker he is trying to hitch into this title. B+

Forever Evil: Arkham War #1- So I like Peter Tomasi and Scot Eaton’s artwork is fine, but I have a hard time giving a flying crap simply because this is just another iteration of No Man’s Land, Arkham City, and Dark Knight Rises. The whole villains-split-gotham-into-portions gimmick has been overdone, except now this time it can be done with additional characters like the Court of Owls or Professor Pyg. This kind of reeks of cross promotional marketing instead of a cleverly connected universe and very little about it draws me in. Oh, also, we see Ragdoll from the Secret Six for a panel so that pretty much just pissed me off because it reminded me that DC screwed that entire comic up. Hoooooray. C+