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Reading Pile: 9/18/13 Pt 2

Batman & Green Lantern

Batman #23.2 Riddler- Yes, let’s interrupt one event for another. That will surely not confuse the casual fan. Snyder and Fawkes tried some damage control as this has a loose tie into Year Zero, and they play good soldiers by being some of the few writers to try and show the Riddler being somewhat affected by events taking place in Forever Evil. Still, I’ve read much better Riddler feature issues and all of this makes me miss the previous ‘redeemed’ detective Riddler.B-

Green Lantern #23.2 Mongul- Ok, on one hand I liked this issue. It basically feels like DC called up Jim Starlin and was like, “Hey Jim, we know you like big cosmic guys, but we reverted Darkseid into something stupid and we don’t own Thanos, so here’s Mongul. Do something.” And regardless of what continuity this is, Starlin pretty much went at it with gusto. The best part is he didn’t draw it, because then this would feel entirely different. Now some people really don’t like Howard Porter’s artwork. The thing is, I was young enough when his run of JLA with Grant Morrison came out that I pretty much loved his work because of that association. There was a period after that run were he was experimenting (I heard he hurt is drawing hand), and for the past year or two I haven’t really cared much about his work. But there’s something about this book that hits just the right cosmic chord, and there’s something about his style in it that makes me think of Moritat and Ladronn. I don’t know, I just felt that the creative team did a great job in the representation of the character. Now for the part that drives me insane. Is this the friggin’ first Mongul who was killed by Neron, or his son who is also named Mongul? Because if you go back and read the early issues of the New 52 Green Lantern, Sinestro fetched the Yellow Lantern power battery and numerous prisoners for the Green Lantern science cells, and if you look closely enough someone remembered to draw Mongul inside the base of the power battery. Basically, some editor remembered to do their job. SO, according to my geeky little mind, that means the events of Blackest Night and everything beforehand happened, so this must be Mongul son of Mongul. But then…..that must mean Hank Henshaw was the Cyborg, and that Superboy Prime and the Anti-Monitor were also around…..but they weren’t but….but…..DAMMIT DC. B+