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Reading Pile: 5/25/13

Sex & The Creep (A completely unintentional yet amusing pairing)

Sex #3- And with this issue I must give up. Seriously, three issues was plenty of time for someone to actually do something that’s of some interest, and yet this title managed to avoid it like the plague. From the very first page the dialogue and pacing were like a pair of concrete shoes dragging this bloated corpse deeper into the depths of abysmal boringness.  I’m just not sure what’s worse, the degree of apathy I feel towards the story or just how disappointed I am that this is a Joe Casey comic.

I had that same look the entire way through the issue. The 'I apparently have to sit through this whole thing' look.

I could almost believe that there might be a payoff if I were to stick around, it’s just that I don’t think any reader should have to wait over three months through uninteresting characters, useless sexual content that’s not even that lewd (seriously, if you’re going to go for it just go for it), stiff artwork that’s struggling to find something interesting to illustrate, obnoxious highlights in the scripting, and incredibly stupid and lazy titles for interviews. But let’s rewind just a little to the sex part. In three issues there have been a handful of scenes of minor sexual intercourse, not too graphic masturbation, and plenty of innuendo. All of them fall flat on their faces and are in no way actually erotic or really useful for anything in the story, other than to remind us what the title is. Compare to the past few issues of Saga, which have utilized single page sexual imagery in such a way as to A) push the story forward, B) define a marital relationship between two core characters, C) provide a moment of actual shock and/or humor, and D) didn’t hamper the story a single bit. I’m not saying I need or would prefer more erotic material in my comic fiction, but I am saying that if you are going to deal with it as a major focus point of the content to the degree you emblazon it on your covers, then you seriously need to be more interesting than kindling fodder. Sex should not be boring. D

The Creep HC- This reads even better as a collection than it did as singles, which was pretty dang good the first go around. It’s a compelling story of a P.I. who suffers from Acromegaly that is contacted by an old college girlfriend whose son has committed suicide. His investigation draws him into something that’s not so much of a mystery full of intrigue but more a reminder of just how painful life can truly be. It’s kind of utterly depressing, but in such a way that it’s an amazing story. Arcudi just knows how to write people and all their messed up problems, and Jonathan Case's artwork is the perfect fit. Definitely give this a try, it’s a really good hardcover package at a decent price of $19.99. A