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Reading Pile: 3/21/13

Buddy Cops, Age of Ultron, Saga, & Guardians of the Galaxy

Buddy Cops One Shot- I absolutely love Evan Shaner art, and while I’ve read stuff by Nate Cosby before that didn’t really click with me this title is the exception because when they come together it’s magical. It’s alcoholic, sassy, violent, giant space alien rampage magic and that’s the best magic ever. If you’ve been buying Dark Horse presents for a while then you already have the stories in this issue with the exception of the intro and outro pages, which actually are worth the entire book alone because of giant mutant fire breathing bovine action. If you haven’t been collecting Dark Horse Presents, good because you saved like $7.99 an issue and that means you can buy this sucker. You can buy two of this sucker and then force a friend to read it, so that it spreads like a drunken comic STD. Seriously, it has a ninety-foot-tall Orangutan dressed like a monk holding a nuclear slingshot. All of your arguments are invalid. A++

Age of Ultron #2-Boring. Go buy Buddy Cops. C+

Saga #11- Or if you save your Ultron money and don’t want to buy Buddy Cops (and I hate you), then you should spend your money catching up to Saga. If there was an issue that will piss of people because of sexual content then it’s certainly going to be this one. Considering how many people were pissed with the breast feeding cover of #1, the first three pages of this issue are pretty much about Brian K Vaughan strutting his stuff because he knows he’s got one of the best books of the past year. What’s great is that it isn’t frivolous and it actually develops the characters quite a bit more, and then he caps it off with an incredibly sad ending. Yay comics! A

Guardians of the Galaxy #0.1- Despite my hatred of 0.1 issues as a concept, I didn’t hate the book itself and that alone was enough to shock me. While I’ll be amazed if Steve McNiven can keep any sort of schedule and I’ll be flaberghasted if Bendis doesn’t screw up more cosmic stuff like he did over in Avengers Assemble, I have to admit I actually liked the set up here a bit.  I think the one and only major complaint I have (there was bound to be one) is the costume design for Starlord. The costume he had during the Abnett& Lanning era of Guardians was striking and unique, whereas this new design looks like he’s a Mass Effect reject. B+