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Reading Pile: 10/1/12

Talon, The Ultimates & Attack On Titan

Talon #0- I didn’t stick through the Night of the Owls crossover at all, which actually helps in reviewing this book as reader friendly or not and whether it’s worth picking up. It’s a Snyder plot with James Tynion IV scripting, and it’s not a bad read. I also really like Guillem March’s artwork and the entire creative team does give this a solid tone and atmosphere. The character himself just seems like a slightly updated version of Azrael (brainwashed assassin escapes cult of crazy people), so at heart there is really nothing unique about this title or concept. Editorial seems pretty adamant in maintaining the Court of Owls as a long running sub-plot, so what better way to milk a concept than to introduce a peripheral character in his own series. As jaded as I make that all sound though, I did think this was an overall enjoyable read and would actually hand it to a new reader who wants to veer away from the usual brand name heroes. B+

Ultimate Comics The Ultimates #16- And I still hate that damn title. Anyway, there is compelling about having President Captain America literally fly his super Captain America jet into the troubled areas of the nation and beating down the more visible and violent issues of the country into submission. Humphries and Ross seem to have jumped into this story with glee and there are very few comics that actually share that feeling with the reader. As a whole this story arc actually stands to be one of the best runs of the Ultimate universe imprints entire twelve year existence. B+

Attack On Titan Vol 2 GN- This title maintains the creepy momentum and stands out as a fairly unique post-apocalyptic scenario. If you haven’t read the first volume, it boils down to giant cannibalistic humanoid giants having pushed mankind to the brink of extinction. There is a vanguard of young children especially trained to kill the creatures, except there is only one incredibly specific way to do so and main characters tend to drop like flies. There’s a certain mirthful tone to the slaughter of characters and their induction to this brutal world, making for a violent and creepy reading experience. On the negative side, it takes a while for these volumes to be translated apparently, and the events that occur are fairly quick so you are left wanting to read more immediately. Still, well worth checking out. A-