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Reading Pile: 9/29/12

Secret of the Stone Frog, Spider-Man & Transformers

The Secret of the Stone Frog HC-Think Little Nemo meets Miyazaki with a splash of Akiko. This utterly beautiful little hardcover is the first exposure I’ve had to David Nytra and I’m hoping I can keep this sucker in stock so I can push it on plenty of customers. It’s a quick little fairy tale about two lost children in a strange land, but the line work is amazingly detailed and the overall package (for a reasonable $14.99) is great. Seriously, you would be doing yourself a favor by checking this out. A+

Spider-Man: Revenge of the Sinister Six HC- This is one of the earliest Spider-Man stories I ever read when I was 9 or 10, so of course I have a lingering nostalgia for the piece and figured it would be good to read again. I…..have some very innocent memories because this is not by any means what you would call a good comic. I understand that at this point in time Erik Larsen’s art had the same attention to overwhelming detail that McFarlane & Lee had, with a bajillion crosshatches and unnecessary lines and improbably poses for Spider-Man’s crotch. I get why it was a thing. The story is simply a clusterfuck of fights, and while it’s not complicated it has as much intrigue as a Dragonball Z fight. Oh, now the Sinister Six are more powerful. Oh, now Spider-Man has a friend and a new bionic arm. Oh, now the Sinister Six has a new friend and bigger weapons. Oh, not Spider-Man has been training under 100 times normal gravity and also brought along Ghost Rider. It’s pretty much just like that. Now, in my 10 year old self’s defense, the thing I think I liked the most about it was the close sense of continuity and all the guest appearance. By the end of the book, you have Nova, Hulk, Ghost Rider, Sleepwalker, the FF, Deathlok, and Solo(well….coulda done without him). Stuff like that is awesome when you’re a kid.  However, while a part of me still somewhat enjoys a piece of this, paying out $29.99 for seven issues that you can probably find in the quarter bin is…..painful, to say the least. C

Transformers More Than Meets The Eye #9- I know some of you may be tired of hearing this, but I honestly believe that this is one of the single best titles being published today. These are awesomely well told stories of unique interpersonal relationships between hundreds of robots, detailing socio-political sub-plots and great mysteries in fantastically paced doses of humorous readings. This issue starts off a new storyline called Shadowplay, A Totally Epic Story Based On Real Events That Definitely Happened. That is the actual title. That is amazing and beautiful. A