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Reading Pile: 9/15/12

The Creep, Transformers, Crossed, & Captain Marvel

The Creep #1- If you haven’t checked out the Creep #0 yet, I would really recommend you do as that collect the short stories that were published in Dark Horse Presents. John Arcudi has a lot of range in his writing and can flip from comedy to action and to mystery very well, and this title is an intriguing showcase for his skills. It’s a low-key mystery as a PI who is suffering from acromegaly investigates the suicide of a young boy. Jonathan Case’s art is also a perfect fit, offering clean art with a good sense of layout and draftsmanship. Definitely worth jumping on and giving a try. A-

Transformers More Than Meets The Eye Annual 2012- Essentially this was a debate in robo-faith VS robo-atheism, and……that’s sort of awesome. The price tag is a bit painful at $7.99, but it was a solid issue. The main chunk of art was a little rough and seemed unfinished in parts, but the Guido Guidi flashback art was a nice treat and the overall package decent. B+

Crossed #10-13- After the initial Ennis run I tried the Delano bit and couldn’t be bothered to finish, so I randomly picked up #12 and was intrigued enough to backtrack a bit. Lapham offers up a stronger (if still depraved) story of a young cowardly boy trying to survive and become a man (in his sort of demented way) during the Crossed apocalypse. It’s still pretty messed up, but I particularly enjoy the randomness of it. This definitely isn’t for everyone, but if you’re ever in the need for overly gratuitous super violence you could do worse than this run. B

Captain Marvel #1- Carol Danvers has never been a character I’ve been too interested in, so it’s tough for me to get too excited for this relaunch. I like the idea of having her finally take the mantle of Captain Marvel (waaaaay better than her Warbird days), and I really do like the costume redesign. While I don’t think Dexter Soy’s art is bad in any real way, it’s just not a style I’m really into either. I always find it funny when someone takes a powerful villain like Absorbing Man and has him go down with virtually no real fight to pump up the title character, but hey it’s Absorbing Man so I guess who really cares? Sort of feels like wrestling though in some odd way and someone has to job to make someone else look better. Despite all that Deconnick sets up the tone of the series and lays some groundwork, and all in all it’s a solid issue. B