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Reading Pile: 6/30/12 Pt 2

Avengers VS X-Men #6- This suddenly got  a lot more interesting and I’m totally going to give credit to Hickman and Coipel. B+

 Atomic Robo Real Science Adventures #3- George Westinghouse. Charles Fort. Nikola Tesla. Annie Oakley. Wong Kei-Ying. Winfield Scott Lovecraft. Harry Houdini. THE CENTURIONS OF SCIENCE. ALKDFJSFAFHFUWAPFIAOGFPIAOUGFAOUGG WHY ARE YOU NOT READING ATOMIC ROBO?!?!?! A

Idolized #0- So if you get the opportunity, you should go read Todd Nauk’s Wildguard comic from Image, because this is pretty much exactly that with a slightly different back story. I do like Micah Gunnell’s work as I see him as a more competent artist in the style of Michael Turner, but unless the story takes a major swerve with number one (and I doubt that) there will be no real reason to check this out instead of Wildguard. Or X-Statix. Or Ultra. Or any of the other ‘Superheroes-as-celebrities’ titles that saturated the market a few years back.  Now this issue is only $2.50, but keep in mind it’s only twelve pages of actual story and then a bunch of fake interviews. Overall, not much to see here so far. C+

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century 2009- Evil Harry Potter VS Mary Poppins. Now see, that to me is worth $9.95, but that just may be me being me. There’s a decent argument online that the Century series has sacrificed story for meta reference, and it’s an argument I partially agree with but it’s also something I don’t care about either. I like literary puzzles, so as you might imagine  I loved Final Crisis and any other meta-textual pieces because they require you to do homework. So that being said, it really doesn’t hurt to get some annotations to help understand these books. I would love it if someone were to actually compile a collection of annotations as sort of a companion piece to the LOEG world, because learning about the references that I am unaware of makes me want to read more and learn more. And that is never a bad thing, so overall win I say. A

Baltimore: Dr. Leskovar’s Remedy #1- I cannot stress how much I’ve enjoyed every volume of this series. This is the perfect example of a good comic. A comic that is fun, well written, beautifully drawn, and overall just a well-crafted piece of work.  Do yourself a favor and go buy the first two volumes to catch up to this short two part story. A