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Reading Pile: 5/17/12


Queen Crab HC- $12.99 is sort of ridiculous for forty-seven pages of story. The story itself wasn’t badly written, but there wasn’t much of anything to draw me in and captivate. The character isn’t terribly likable, the mystery is never really explained which would be fine if I cared for the characters, and the art is fine but nothing to write home about. I appreciate that Palmiotti likes to do these little self-contained one-shot stories and more power to creator owned projects, but if I had donated money to this Kickstarter Project I would think twice about what I invest in for the future. C+

Fantastic Four #605.1- If more Point One issues were like this I would certainly bitch less about them. First of all I would like to focus on how Mike Choi’s style is very influenced by the coloring and this issue's contributions by Cris Peter make for a fabulous visual treat. It has this very muted tone and sense of atmosphere that perfectly complements the story content. While nothing about this issue truly stands out as important because it gives background to a minor (and dead) character, it’s just so well-crafted and produced that it stands to show what can be done in a single issue and just how great of a talent Marvel has with Hickman.  I'm also a sucker for a good What If/Elseworlds style quickie. A+

Night of 1,000 Wolves #1- While Bobby Curnow’s scripting is solid, the real standout is Dave Wachter’s art. It’s sort of like if Chris Buckinham merged with Eric Powell and Bernie Wrightson. It’s a violent low key fantasy type of story that sets itself up well and has a lot of promise. While I still believe that if IDW would drop its standard price down to at least $3.50 to make their books more economically palpable, this was well worth putting the money down to check out and I'm looking forward to the next issue. A

DC Universe Presents: Savage #9- So reimagining Vandal Savage as Hannibal Lector is sort of not a horrible concept, and as long as they don’t reveal that this daughter of his is a replacement of Vandal Savage I’ll accept it because they have previously established that he has sired numerous children over the course of his long life. James Robinson seems to be having fun with this concept, so I’ll stick with it and see if he can deliver. B+

Wolverine #306- It’s pretty much Wolverine VS the Devil’s Rejects, which…….ok? I guess that hasn’t really been done yet. B