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Reading Pile: 3/19/12


Crossed Badlands #1- I jumped ship on the Crossed material after Ennis’ run, figuring if they were worth the effort I’d pick up the trade. Generally, I buy an Ennis series for Ennis so having a follow up is a bit of waste of time even if the talent involved is decent. Ennis and Burrows coming back was an exciting prospect and they definitely pick up right where they left off what with the maiming and screaming and projectile babies. Yes. Keep that sentence in mind before you randomly pick this title up. The only downside is that Jamie Delano is taking over at issue #4, which is a big letdown.  Nothing against Delano (although he tends to just bore me), but they should have just announced this as a mini for Ellis and then launch a different title for Delano. Still, at least we get a couple more by the original demented team. B+

Night Force #1- Bored to tears. No, it wasn’t even that interesting. My tear ducts were too ambivalent to bother with producing sadness. I like Tom Mandrake but Marv Wolfman has never done much of anything for me as I was too late for the New Teen Titans bandwagon. It’s the same deal with Claremont on X-Men, I understand why people loved the stuff but if you go back and reread the material it often doesn’t hold. My main problem with Wolfman has just been this overbearing droning of scripting that usually puts me to sleep. I found myself speed reading to figure out if there would be anything I would actually care about to stick around for and the answer was a disappointing no. I think that possibly the only thing worse than being bad is to just be boring. D

Green Lantern #7- Four years and a companywide relaunch later, we finally get the start of an explanation behind the Indigo Tribe. Besides that sounding like a great name to an R&B/Hip Hop group from mid ‘90’s, I’m actually really looking forward to seeing how this pans out.  Plus, hurray for more Doug Mahnke art. The only problem is trying to figure out the mess that is the continuity of the new 52 along with what parts of Johns' previous Green Lantern run still work together. The whole Parallax/Hal Jordan/Spectre thing feels like it’s up in the air, and if that doesn’t hold then most of Sinestro Corp and therefore Blackest Night doesn't hold. Just a big ol’ mess. B