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Reading Pile: 3/15/12





















Saga #1- This is pretty much the best launch of a new series I think we have had in a long, long time. Starting with the package, this is forty-four pages of uninterrupted (not a single ad!) story for the price of $2.99. There really isn’t anything like that coming out, and while this is just for the first issue that is a helluva hook to start out with and I think that will go a long way with readers. Next, Vaughan has presented an interesting and unique blend of sci-fi and fantasy that is infused with well written characters and a fascinating universe to delve deeper into overtime.  Finally, Fiona Staples' artwork is the perfect fit for the story as it lends perfect character and depth to the script; it’s a treat to look at and flows perfectly from scene to scene.  Vaughan and company totally knocked this one out of the ballpark, so if you get the chance you should really give it a try. It’s already heading out to 2nd print so you may have to wait, but it will be worth it. A+



Avengers #24- Weak finish to what should have been an interesting story. I’m actually a really big fan of the idea of crossing Norman Osborn over as an Avengers villain, simply because we need more variety in the superhero world and more specifically the Avengers.  It can’t (or I suppose it can but it shouldn’t) be the formula of Ultron then Kang then Ultron and then maybe the occasional Korvak (who does nothing for me as a big villain). The Marvel Universe is big enough that we should cross a bit and play around with the existing characters, so this arc of Norman Osborn coming back and really sticking it to the Avengers had some appeal.  As it is though we are launching right into the big event of the year so I get the feeling Bendis just decided to drop this plot with a hurried resolution. On top of that, this whole arc was an unofficial crossover with the New Avengers, and the one thing worse than a forced crossover is an unofficial crossover where you really should read them at the exact same time. My final complaint (I promise) is the wholly generic way in which they defeat Norman. Decades of stories showcasing Amazo, the Super Adaptoid, the Mimic, or all the other run of the mill power drainers have taught us that you can either A) take away their power source by running away, or B) giving them too much power. I think we should declare a ban on the use of power mimicking characters like that unless the writer has developed a new way to resolve their battle/plot/whatever.  So yeah, with the exception of the art this whole issue was a flop for me. C+