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Reading Pile: 2/1/12

X-Club #3- So this happened.

Followed by this.

And then finally this.

So Dr. Nemesis is quickly becoming a favorite character of mine, and if you read any X-titles this should be the one. Kthxbai. A

Lord of the Jungle #1- Can’t complain too much considering the $1 cover price, art was decent and Arvid Nelson gave us a solid script. Only thing was, well, there was nothing new to it unless you’ve never ever ever been exposed to Tarzan before. The absence of anything really new being brought to the table made this kind of meh to me, despite all the glorious gorilla action. Decently produced though, so hopefully they will pick up the pace. B

Secret Avengers #21.1- So regardless of how the content is in any of these Point One waste of paper issues, please know I instantly hate them the moment they are offered. This comes mostly as a retailer who has to order them, because they are annoying as %^&%$ to track for subscription accounts and it’s a gimmick that needed to die before it was born.  Disregarding the spite and malice I feel, I was hoping I would like the story more as it was meant to be the jump on point for Remender. It wasn’t bad by any means, but it was a whole bunch of meh. Part of that for me is that I don’t really care about Hawkeye, and I really really really don’t care about Hawkeye as a leader of a team. I don’t hate Hawkeye, but he’s not  a big deal to me and definitely not a reason I would spend any extra cash on anything. That’s just a taste issue, and there are plenty of fans who I am sure think this will be great. On the plus side, I do like Zircher’s art so this was nice to look at. B-

Dead Man’s Run #1-I like the concept and the art was decent, I feel like this should probably be a short story though. I hope to be pleasantly surprised but this feels kind of like the kind of series that will go for too long and kind of become an aimless mess on a bad schedule. The fact that this isn’t actually the first issue and that you probably shouldn’t have missed #0 kind of sucks, but as a whole it was an interesting enough continuation. An innocent Cartographer sent to Hell planning to stage an escape is just a fun concept, so here’s to hoping. B+