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Reading Pile: 12/22/11

Ratfist TPB-Doug Tennapel books are always a healthy mix of weird, funny, and more than a little random. Ratfist feels a little more random than usual, but it’s still funny. Hell, it even features a guest appearance from Earthworm Jim and that’s a pretty awesome win.  It’s a decent sized collection for the $19.99 price tag and I always like to support Tennapel. You can also preview the first fifty-one pages of Ratfist online, so give it a try and then check out his other books. I’ve never been disappointed and they are just good weird fun. A-


Justice League #4- Well it’s nice to finally get to the bad guy in the story, and I’m always happy to see Darkseid. The continual need to prove that Aquaman is hardcore is possibly a little redundant but I’ll assume they are approaching it from the standpoint that not everyone has bought the first couple issue of the new Aquaman series. I think my major complaint is that it’s taking well over six months to show what ends up being like a half hour of the Justice League’s time. The pace is a little slow for me and we haven’t had much return for the wait. I am used to the Johns slow build and I like to give the benefit of the doubt, but I’m wondering if we had a different artist if it would be going as slowly. B

Journey Into Mystery #632- I think I can say that this was one of my favorite issues of anything for the entire year. First, Mitch Breitweiser was a great choice for the issue and I hope they utilize him over Portacio. Second, Loki has to find homes for seven Hellhounds that he indirectly created. It is seriously one of the cutest and best things ever, and it even opens the door to more awesomeness in the future. This has been such a great turn for the character of Loki and I hope we get to follow the exploits of this particular version of him for a good long while. A+

















Mister Terrific #4- And then this thing was published. It’s ugly, it’s badly written, it ruins a couple of my favorite characters, and it just needs to end. “What’s scarier than a black man with an alien posse? Answer: An angry black man with an alien posse.”  This is….this is not good writing. What makes me sad is that there is the possibility that this series might turn away readers from Mister Terrific when he was actually a really awesome character. F