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Reading Pile: 12/2/11

First Law of Mad Science #1- The title grabbed me while placing orders, and while the cover is a little underwhelming you should give it a look because this was a pretty fun first issue.  Mike Isenberg has a solid sense of pacing and good dialogue, giving us a dense first issue here with an interesting set-up. Oliver Mertz’s art compliments it fairly well, and while it isn’t flashy it does have it’s own style to it that lends to the overall tone of the book.  $3.99 for twenty-six pages of story is a better deal than a chunk of mainstream comics, so you would be doing a good service in checking out this small press book and supporting the creators. B+

Astonishing X-Men #44- I’m surprised that the other characters first comment when Storm showed up wasn’t, ‘Again with the Mohawk?’.  You would think with all the alternate worlds and clones and crap that people in the x-verse would be more suspicious about new haircuts. The first couple times, ok sure let it pass, but by now you would think it would go more like, “Whoa whoa whoa…..your're from Earth 561, aren’t you?”. Regardless, this was an interesting enough first issue from Greg Pak’s run and I think Mike McKone is a solid talent. I really liked that they played around with Cyclops’ actual skills with his optic blasts, and approaching everything from his mental funk after seeing all his friends abandon him is interesting.  Looking forward to some good developments. B

Spaceman #2- Much better than the first issue, this one actually got me interested whereas the first issue was just meh.  Now to just brace for the interesting and slow rising developments and then slamming hard into a wall where the story just drops like a rock.  Sorry, it’s just that almost every damn thing I read by Azzarello tends to disappoint. B+




Daredevil #6- I love this series.  A lot of that comes down to the clean and elegant line work from Marcos Martin, but I have to give massive props to Waid for actually utilizing Martin to his full potential. The sense of design and layout that works hand in hand with Daredevil’s powers is smart and fluid, creating a very interactive reading experience that draws the reader in. Seriously, as simplistic as Martin’s artwork is I want to look at it over and over again to just follow his subtle nuances and see how a damn comic should be properly constructed. The entire industry can learn a lot from the guy and he just keeps on setting the bar higher. A