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Reading Pile: 12/8/11

Strange Talent of Luther Strode #3, Action Comics #4, and Eyes of The Cat HC.

Strange Talent of Luther Strode #3- It’s not that I’m necessarily surprised that this is still really really good, it’s just that I’m incredibly glad it’s maintained its quality. Image has been throwing tons of crap against the wall over the past few years in the hopes of a hit like Walking Dead or Chew, so it's good when we finally get a book that doesn’t fall flat. This is a unique and well put together comic and the creators deserve the attention they are getting, so I’m glad the book is maintaining momentum. A


Action Comics #4- It’s nice to see the action and pacing pick it up a notch, and I enjoyed the introduction of Steel. It was a mistake to not include John Henry Irons in the relaunch with his own title, but I’m glad to see he wasn’t excluded entirely. It’s interesting because I think Morrison really likes the character after he highlighted him in his JLA run. The Steel back-up feature was solid, and I think Brad Walker would be a great fit for the character if they ever gave him his own title. B+



Eyes of The Cat HC- So I’m not so much as reviewing this as I am bragging that I managed to get a copy. This is going to be a thing people lament about because it’s an incredibly low printed edition of a book that’s been nearly impossible to get a copy of anyway unless you went onto the black market. Beyond that it is a Moebius book and anything by Moebius instantly become impossible to find because it’s goddamn Moebius.  So is it actually worth the high $69.95 price point? Clocking in at fifty-six pages it’s an incredibly quick read with very sparse writing. And by sparse I mean this entire article has more words than the book.  There are three tricks that do deem it worthwhile though; first, it is an impressive 11.95x16 inches and printed on nice paper. Second, it’s utterly beautiful. Third, it’s goddamn Moebius so shut up. What it’s lacking in text it makes up for in sheer aesthetic awesomeness, plus it’s the first actual collaboration between Moebius and Jodorowsky. So again, this is pretty much just me bragging because the super low print run of 750 is going to limit your ability to get a copy. If you do decide to hunt it down, keep in mind how sparse the package is before you make a huge financial leap to the $100+ that I see copies going for on Ebay at the moment. A-