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Reading Pile: 10/20/11

Wolverine #17- I know I should be regularly reading Jason Aaron’s Wolverine, I just don’t need too much Wolverine in my life. This issue though was pretty damn awesome and I’m not just saying that because it guest stars Ken Hale, the Gorilla Man. Ok, I’m mostly saying it because it has Gorilla Man. Still, a fun read is a fun read and I love the idea that Wolverine is so damned busy that he basically forgets he’s the secret underground Kingpin on Chinatown. A-



Batman Odyssey Vol 2 #1- I….seriously why is this shit still being published? I actually couldn’t finish the book. I couldn’t make it past the first three pages of naked Bruce Wayne talking crazy. I tried speed reading the rest of it and I just wanted to gouge my eyes out. And then we have the horrible photo-shopped geodes. Just....why? Why would you why?  It’s just one horrible hunk of badness and I would of thought the relaunch would have been an easy out for DC to just drop this crap. I guess they must be approaching it more from a standpoint of, “Hey, we paid for the book we’re going to publish the book.” D-

Mystic #1- I was really really impressed with this first issue and really want to catch up to the next couple issues.  There’s something about the combo of G. Willow Wilson and David Lopez that really sparks and kicks this book up a notch from just being a relaunch of a dead Crossgen property into a fun creation of its own.  The coloring also really compliments Lopez and the overall look of the book is sort of a cross between Kyle Baker, Terry Moore, and Amanda Conner.  Really worth your time if the first issue is a good indication. A


SHIELD #3- I’m sure I won’t care as much when this is collected and I still appreciate the detail of Dustin Weaver’s art, but man was this a really quick read. If there was ever proof that some titles should only be released as GNs this issue is that proof. It was great looking, it was epic, but I think I wanted more of a balance between dialogue and action. B+




Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 & 2- Y’know, as far as retcons of old properties go, this has been some decent fun so far.  There’s something there for everyone (fans of the original comics, the cartoon, and complete newbies) so you have to give them credit for that. Dan Duncan’s art is also a solid match to the tone of the book, so this is a pretty well thought out and executed relaunch. B+