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Reading Pile: 10/15/11

Batgirl #2- Still gotta put this one in the undecided column. Not a strong showing so far which is disappointing, but it's not a bad read either. I just wanted a little bit more out of it, but here's to hoping Simon can win us over time. B





Haunted City #1- A little pricey for $3.50 and only clocking in at twenty pages of story. I was impressed with the preview issue and the book still has me intrigued, but the price point needs to fixed for sure. It reads sort of like a tv pitch, and considering one of the creators is a producer of Supernatural, Chuck, and Nikita that's not much of a surprise. Michael Ryan's art is a decent fit and he has a good flow, so overall the book is well put together. The overall concept of New York being one giant haunted house full of the dark creatures from all world cultures is definitely the hook that keeps me interested. B


Green Lantern #2- Doug Mahnke draws the best alien monsters. That is all. B+






Shade #1- Finally, James Robinson is back and not sucking. Disregarding the confusing details that if there is no JSA in this world then how does the Shade's background stay intact, this reads just like old school Starman and that's always a good thing. It's the right type of melodramatic scripting for the right characters, and Cully Hamner's art works really well to make this an enjoyable package. Plus, he makes Deathstroke's new armor look really cool so for anyone complaining about that costume change, seriously it works. A-


GhostBusters #1 & 2- These are really really really fun and stand in as a great jumping point as well as kinda like a third movie. All the continuity is there, all the characters, and Erik Burnham has the characters down. Dan Schoening’s art is a fine mix between cartoony and dark and really has a character of its own. They even have these fun files in the back from the desk of Walter Peck. Seriously, worth picking up. A




Batwoman #2- I’m honestly a little flabbergasted by anyone who doesn’t like this. Williams and Blackman churning out a solid story to go along with the amazing art, but even if the story was crappy the art is so amazing it stands on its own merit.  My only complaint is that I want more right now. A