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Reading Pile: 9/10/11 DCnU Pt 4

Batwing #1- Huh. Well, for a Judd Winick book that was actually a pretty strong start. See, my problem with Winick is that at times (most of the time) he can sort of be a parody of himself. I understand that social issue are important to him, and I’m generally ok if you utilize a social issue in your storytelling. As long as it’s not ham-fisted and doesn’t take control of your plots. Because see, the thing is I don’t buy comics to learn more about real social issues. I read the newspaper or look it up for myself. In general, I read comics to escape reality and find something better to counter balance all the horrible things I read about because sometime the concept of Superman just makes me feel a little better about the world. So I was astonished that Winick just jumps right into the action and mystery with this first issue, and the Ben Oliver art compliments it all very well. At this point I am just holding my breath before this becomes one giant soapbox, but the premise and everything is there for a potentially great series. Here’s to hoping. B
Batgirl #1- Hmmm. Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Well, I’m not hating it. I trust in Gail Simone to see where she’s taking the whole thing. It’s interesting, I had a young woman in the store this week going on about how great it is she can walk, because she always believed the decision to put Barbara Gordon in the wheelchair was a mistake. Until then I hadn’t had any of my female customers chime in with that perspective, although I know it is a kinda popular opinion online. This is such a polarizing decision, and I read so much of Jill Pantozzi that I’m aligned more towards her viewpoint. Disregarding that entire discussion for the moment, the overall book read just fine and the art was decent. I think the redesign of the suit is kind of dumb. This is definitely another wait and see type of deal. B
Justice League International #1- This was a little disappointing to me because of all the relaunch books it felt the most standardized. It really didn’t bring much to the table and while it wasn’t bad it was just sort of boring. I like Jurgens and I like Lopresti, but it just felt sort of... there, y’know? Like they knew they had to do something with the title, and they had a big hat with character names who didn’t get relaunch titles. It was better than Hawk & Dove, that’s for sure. It was a better piece of work and has the makings for some potential, but for a major debut relaunch it fell flat. I would say the most interesting thing about the book was that there were some obvious changes made because there are a total of three different covers. Check them out below, the first one was the original online solicitation and then the next was seen soon after. It's difficult to say if the first woman is maybe Gypsy or Donna Troy, but then it's flipped over to Godiva from Flashpoint. Last minute editorial changes, anyone? Might explain the rushed feeling of the book and the printing mistakes.  B-