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Reading Pile 9/8/11: DCnU Pt 1

Action Comics #1- So as the unofficial flagship title of the DcnU relaunch (I understand why Justice League is technically the big deal but I believe this title has broader appeal), there is enough here to certainly be interesting regardless of if you like it or not. It might just be me and my desire to see Jack Kirby everywhere, but the element of Luthor using the entire city itself as a weapon against Superman has a little vague throwback to the story of the original OMAC #2. Skipping past that, I’m a fan of Rags Morales so I did find the story visually appealing. Another part that was interesting for me is how well they transition Superman into Clark Kent, something we know Morrison is fond of doing via All Star Superman. For people who complain about Clark Kent being the stupidest disguise ever, this felt like another well placed ‘stfu and enjoy the story’ kind of item. Because really, Superman haters need to stfu or gtfo. Overall, this book is the perfect example of the entire relaunch in that regardless of if you like the idea of the relaunch or not, it was still interesting. B+
OMAC #1- This has to be the most surprising of the DcnU books so far because considering the track record of Didio I was fully expecting to hate this regardless of Giffen. I think though, because the credits are kind of vague, that perhaps Didio just contributed to plot and Giffen did the bulk of heavy lifting. Keeping that in mind, Giffen totally made this a Kirby tribute and that’s the best way to go so this book deserves a little bit of praise. Something to keep an eye on as well is that it features Mokkari, who is sort of the unofficial herald of Darkseid. Mokkari was the first to report to Darkseid in the original Kirby issues of Jimmy Olsen, and Morrison even had him repeat the same lines that introduced Darkseid in Final Crisis so he actually holds a little bit of significance as an overall plot device. Also, points for the Build-A-Friend reference. A-
Hawk & Dove #1- Well, it was pretty much as bad as you would expect it to be, which is probably actually better than what I expected it to be because I always expect Liefeld to be worse every time I read him. So considering it wasn't worse than it could have been, I suppose that means it was almost not bad? Hmm. No, it was still pretty bad. To give you some context on my feelings towards Liefeld:
I have a hard time telling if I hate Rob Liefeld more than I hate Mark Millar. You can imagine my absolute horror when they did a Youngblood comic together that featured a zombie Martin Luther King Jr. That’s a rant for a different time though. As far as this book goes, the script was stiff and boring to go along with the equally stiff and boring art, so you could say it was a match made in stupid heaven. However, if there was anything positive to come from this it’s that every time Hawk makes an angry face to show off his eighty bajillion teeth that a human doesn’t have-
I think of angry Homer’s voice and the entire thing becomes much more entertaining. Still, any decision on DC’s part to include Liefeld is a huge step backwards and it stinks up the entire relaunch with a definite sense of desperation. D