Secret Infinite Convergence War...of Stuff...and Things Pt 79

Secret Infinite Convergence War...of Stuff...and Things Pt 79

Ms Marvel, E is for Extinction, Black Widow, Ultimate End, Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars, & Age of Apocalypse

Secret Wars lightning round!

Ms. Marvel #17- Still good! Not relevant to the main event at all, but very relevant to Ms. Marvel without having to ignore the event while also not slavishly devoting too much time to the event! A-

E Is For Extinction #2- Even more entertaining than the first issue, but super not relevant to the core plot of Secret Wars. Gets points for actually making me kind of excited to see the evil albino Beast from the end of Morrison’s original run. B+

Black Widow #20- Same as Ms. Marvel, not in any way relevant to Secret Wars but a good final capper to the run. I would like to point out that the solicit for this final issue states, “ The creative team that's brought you the longest run in Black Widow history steps deeper into the psyche of Natasha Romanoff than ever before.”. The fact that they felt like bragging about 20 issues brings to light either how often Marvel relaunches or how little they care to give the Widow a title of longevity. B+

Ultimate End #4- Still the most confusing part of Secret Wars, and also felt a little rushed. Oh, Bendis. B-

Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars #3- I think this issue sold out superfast simply because Deadpool got to wear the black Spider-Man costume for all of three pages? I’ll never understand speculators…..also, this isn’t relevant by any means. B

Loki Agent of Asgard #16- One more issue to go and I am excited about the last issue and the connection point they give to the Oeming Ragnarok run of Thor. It’s worth noting though that so far this is another title that’s not really relevant to Secret Wars. B+

Age of Apocalypse #2- Stuff happens! Things progress! They mention Doom’s name a little more than anything else from this chunk of reviews, so take that for whatever relevance you want! B