Secret Infinite Convergence War...of Stuff...and Things Pt 123

Secret Infinite Convergence War...of Stuff...and Things Pt 123

When will the hurting stop?

Justice League #46- At the start of this event I was actually intrigued by some of the plot elements and characters. After a few months, whenever another issue came out I was like, “Oh hey, this is still a thing.” Then after the past month of character one-shots and this issue, I pretty much just want the drudgery to end.

This is probably one of the more engaging visuals in the entire issue and it's just reminding us who these characters were. They're not even in the story.

This issue is labeled as Act Two: After Death Chapter 2 (part 6 of Darkseid War), and the last pages says that coming up next is Act Three. I don’t even know anymore. It’s a huge mess that got messier once art duties switched and we had to navigate all those one-shots that were completely useless to the main plot. Now Francis Manapul is on art in this issue, and it’s definitely a rush job. It’s competent, but the layouts are the most basic thing I’ve seen from him in years and they just plod along with no inspiration to them.

The romantic tension between WW and Steve Trevor is just so wonderfully subtle.

The change in style is confusing as well because the first four or five chapters taught us exactly how some characters looked like for instant recognition (because the sub-plot of Grail and her mother is confusing anyway without having to remember what they look like), and  without one constant style there’s a dissonance of visual flow.

Big Barda shows up and I don’t care. And I like Big Barda. But I don’t know if this is the same Big Barda that showed up in early issues of Earth 2, and if it isn’t I don’t know what happened to that Barda. She’s shoehorned into this story while we have other things to track and now I have one more sub-plot to barely care about.


It feels like Geoff Johns is just going through the motions now. What was supposed to be an interesting piece that dealt with the original Crisis and replaced Convergence as an actual event of some sort of relevance has been watered down, decompressed, and homogenized to the point of blandness. And I bet you there are going to be some toys announced soon for a Batman in the Mobius chair and all the other League members who have been deified.

Stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff

I just want it to be over. I want all of this crap to come to an end finally. I NEED it all to stop.

Things, things, things, stuff and things

Please. Just….stop. D