Reading Pile:9/28/13

Reading Pile:9/28/13

Batman Dark Knight, Young Avengers, Saga, & Justice League

Batman Dark Knight #23.2 Mr. Freeze- The more I read these villain books the more I realize I’m the grumpy old comic fan incarnate who always has to compare everything to what came before it. The thing is, if you compare this iteration of Freeze with the animated version, there is absolutely no contest. This doesn’t come off as a clever reimagining, it just feels like the geniuses at DC were trying to make every villain creepier so they could appeal to a younger crowd. The tragic motivations of the animated version were well conceived, expertly executed, and emotionally potent. This version is as sincere as the copy and pasted images of Batman being regurgitated on all the Villain covers. C

Young Avengers #10- One of the best and creepiest opening scenes in a while. This is still one of the most consistently well executed Marvel titles around, and now that the first trade is out you have no excuse for not hopping on. A

Saga #14- Worth it for the cover alone. Doesn’t hurt that the story is still great, but yeah, that cover is better than any of the 3D villain DC covers by far and they didn’t need a shiny gimmick or to screw over retailers across the country. Kinda gotta love the title for that alone.  A

Justice League #23.1 Darkseid- Yeah so…….no. I don’t know if I need to blame Greg Pak or if I need to blame editorial, but thanks for this misunderstanding of what made Darkseid a great villain. Ever since his appearance in the Justice League relaunch it felt like they just wanted a big cosmic bad guy without the benefit of what actually made Darkseid a compelling character. If you ever read much of the original Fourth World material, the thing that truly stands out is that as big and powerful as Darkseid may seem he was less about brute force and more about manipulation. He was Jack Palance, Hitler, and Nixon rolled up into a commentary about Nazi Germany and a few other subjects. This? This is Thanos Light. This is the reiteration of a character that was loosely based on Darkseid to begin with, and as much as you may try to dress it up as a new cosmic mythology it doesn’t hold the spark of the original Kirby material. Look, I get it. You can’t slavishly try to achieve what Kirby achieved, but for fricks sake try a little harder to just be a tiny bit better than crap. D