Reading Pile: 9/27/13

Reading Pile: 9/27/13

Wake, Batman Dark Knight, Tom Strong, & Uncanny Avengers

Wake #4- I kinda forgot what happened in the last issue, but that’s ok because it’s still awesome. This is one of the few things being published by DC that still gives me hope that the company as a whole might not implode on itself, but having like 5% of your entire output not suck isn’t really a great sign. Still, like most Vertigo titles this has the freedom to be what it is without the horrible editorial oversight of the core entity. Considering it’s only four issues in this is still a fairly easy run to catch up to, so instead of throwing your money at whatever Batcrap or Green Lantern crossover that’s coming I would recommend supporting this title instead. A

Batman Dark Knight #23.1 Ventriloquist- So we had the creepy multiple personality Ventriloquist that was meek and had a puppet that was most likely not alive but was creepy because there were times where we weren’t too sure because his psychosis was so deep. Now we have replaced that with a mostly evil woman with a puppet that is actually alive (or at least animated by her powers). It’s still has a creepy vibe, but it sort of beats you over the head whereas the original was always a bit subtle. I dunno, it just doesn’t do much for me. It’s like the difference between a Hitchcock horror piece and then watching a generic Lionsgate produced serial killer movie. B-

Tom Strong and the Planet of Peril #3- This reads like a visit through someone’s official handbook of forgotten heroes, literally stopping by each character one  at a time and asking, “So how’s life? How’s the kids? Oh, the Black Terror was murdered again? What a shame.” And while that’s not a great way to tell a story to new readers, I sort of love it. This really isn’t new reader friendly, but there comes a point where I’m sick of books and companies that bend over backwards to be new reader friendly. The best way to be new reader friendly is to just tell good stories, something Peter Hogan and Chris Sprouse have down. A-

Uncanny Avengers #12- Part of me dislikes these long winded runs that never seem to end, but I’ve actually beenpretty interested with this Apocalypse twins arc. While I’m not happy that Acuna is off this issue, Larroca does a pretty good job as fill-in. Remender just gives you a lot per issue to take in, and I tend to feel that page for page this is always one of the denser X-Men or Avenger books you can pick up these days that usually pays off. B+