Reading Pile: 8/12/15

Reading Pile: 8/12/15

Archie VS Sharknado

Archie VS Sharknado One Shot- Is it weird to say I had higher expectations for this book? That I’m really disappointed, actually? I dunno, it’s just that Afterlife with Archie and Sabrina are actual masterpieces. And Archie VS Predator is like the most fun you never expected out of a crossover like that. Plus, the Archie relaunch by Waid and Staples was super fun and actually broke the Top 10 sales of comics in July, so maybe I set the bar too high. So when I heard about this, I figured it would just be ridiculously good.

Sabrina's only appearance was probably the best part of the book

There are moments that are kind of funny (or at least goofy enough to be entertaining), but overall the book just felt forced. I guess the main reason might be that it’s written by the director of Sharknado and well……he’s the director of Sharknado. There are a couple of obvious problems that arise from that. He’s A) not a regular comic book scripter, and B) the director of Sharknado. The book is clumsy when it’s not stiff, and it’s full of these creepy decapitated heads of people that I can only guess are friends of the writer or Archie staff because it looks like the artist was given reference photos and it’s noticeable in a vanity project sort of way.

And then it felt like they were fishing (I'm so sorry) for cheap jokes the rest of the time

Dan Parent’s art is fine as it looks just like your run of the mill typical Archie artwork. You would think that something like that, the fact that you have an innocent and clean art style juxtaposed against the violence and absurdity of sharks decapitating people, would be worth mentioning as a positive but it’s…..well, it’s just boring now. I guess on the positive side there are no ads that interrupt the forty-page story, and at least they gave you forty pages because you’re paying $4.99 for this sucker. Do yourself a favor, if you’re going to check out one Archie title go get the first collection of Afterlife With Archie. This is a waste of time and effort. C