Reading Pile: 7/19/13

Reading Pile: 7/19/13

Ghosted, Thanos Rising, Dawn, & Cable and X-Force

Ghosted #1- Joshua Williamson kicks off with a really strong script and an intriguing plot (think Ocean’s Eleven meets House on Haunted Hill), but the real draw for me is the gorgeous Goran Sudzuka artwork. It’s clean, has a solid narrative flow, and there’s a double page splash of the haunted mansion towards the end of the book that’s a fantastic tone setter. It’s an interesting start so far, so if you are in the mood for a mix of a crime thriller and hauntings you’ll want to give it a try. A-

Thanos Rising #4- I’m impressed by how Aaron is actually fleshing out the development of Thanos’ rise to power and his reputation, because most of the modern era appearances of Thanos tend to just gloss over why he’s so feared across the cosmos. By building the serial killer foundation in the first few issues and then slowly building upon that, Aaron has really given an interesting background. B+

Dawn: The Swordmaster’s Daughter & Other Stories One Shot- I have a soft spot for Linsner as I always liked his artwork when I was younger, but he does have a knack for being overly metaphysical with plenty of dramatic dialogue. The first story presented in this collection actually does a great job of presenting itself as a fable and skips past the usual heavy handed metaphors. It’s still jam packed with metaphors; they just don’t hit you over the head with club-like sappy scripting. The second short story is too brief to really like or dislike, while the third one is set up for the next Dawn/Darrian series. Being set-up, it just reverts back to the usual back-and-forth overloaded spiritual drama Linsner work tends to be. Yet for some damn reason, I still actually like it. A big part of that is his artwork because I still think his painted work is beautiful and his overall compositions and layouts are solid. So Dawn/Linsner fans, you’ll love it. Everyone else, it’s not a bad self-contained introduction to Linsner’s body of work and if you just want some fantasy eye candy you could do much worse for $3.99. B

Cable and X-Force #11- I’m still surprised by how much fun this title is, and I would have never guessed that out of all the Marvel Now relaunch titles that a Cable book would be one of the most consistently well done titles. Good pacing, good characterization, good storytelling, nice art, and a sense of humor go a long way. A