Reading Pile: 4/16/14

Reading Pile: 4/16/14

Flash Gordon, Manifest Destiny, Secret Avengers, Royals, She-Hulk, & Earth 2

Flash Gordon #1- I feel weird that there are now two Dynamite titles that are exceptionally well done and are making the top of my reading pile these days. The early solicitations for this title looked like a sure hit to me anyway though, especially because Jeff Parker knows how to just tell a fun action adventure story and Evan Shaner is a solid draftsman with a great sense of style. I’ve never been a huge Flash Gordon fan but this current update has the right amount of retro and modern storytelling to appeal to different readers. Visually it’s just a great book to look at, especially if you’re into art by guys like Chris Samnee. Shaner has a lighter touch than Samnee with some softer linework while also capturing some Alex Raymond in his figures and compositions. This is exactly what I want out of my comics; good story and good art with the single  purpose of having fun. A+

Manifest Destiny #6- A strong end cap to the first storyarc that sets up a couple nice questions. If you haven’t bothered to check this out yet, yes the first cheap trade of volume one will be out pretty soon. After that I do recommend jumping on board for the single issues. This has been towards the top of my reading pile with every release and it will remain up there if they keep this pace up. A

Secret Avengers #2- Ales Kot tells a fantastic intro story with just two issues and gives us some great MODOK action, and really that’s what really matters in the end. You give me a good comic with MODOK in it and I’m petty content. This is exactly the type of good fun that DC is missing these days. A-

The Royals: Masters of War #3- This issue really picked up the pace and set some interesting stuff up. There was a little bit more meat in this issue over the previous two and it’s showing the potential to end up being a really great mini-series by the time it ends. B

She-Hulk #3- Fantastic cover, a fun story, nice interior art (although it won’t appeal to everyone), and a good Doctor Doom set-up. More please. B+

Earth 2 #22- Some developments but ultimately not much happens in this issue. Kind of a place holder to set some things up, which is necessary but hopefully the next issue really picks up the slack. B