Reading Pile: 2/8/16

Reading Pile: 2/8/16

Legend of Wonder Woman, Interceptor, Batman Europa, & Huck

The Legend of Wonder Woman #1- Friggin’ about time we got a good, non New-52, child made of clay Wonder Woman story. And it was good, really really good. Renae De Liz obviously had a passion for the project and her husband Ray Dillon’s artwork compliments the tone of the story perfectly, lending a real sense of wonder to the mythological aspects of the story. It was just well done executed all around, and I am eagerly anticipating reading more. Now if only DC could take a hint FROM ITSELF and do more stuff like this. A

Interceptor #1- A fun little sci-fi grindhouse horror mash-up with a hint of cyberpunk and a bunch of vampires. Donny Cates is just having fun with the script and that makes it an engaging read, while Dylan Burnett’s artwork is kinetic, emotive, and vibrant. If you just want some fun violent craziness, this is worth checking out. B+

Batman Europa #2- After a false launch and an incredibly long hiatus (I think 12 years? I know I was complaining about it earlier), it’s kind of funny how fast they wanted to get these out, especially with Jim Lee being completely off the title after the first issue. And y’know, that’s fine because I prefer Giuseppe Camuncoli, but it does feel like the production of the rest of this title is an afterthought. Oh look, Jim Lee had a vague idea. Oh look, Jim Lee did some art and took a nap for 6 years. Whelp, let’s cash in and just churn out the rest of this crap by ourselves. $$$$. I’m being far too cynical about this project, it’s really just fine. I mostly just don’t care. B

Huck #3- And then this thing. I actually care. I know I’m continually flaberghasted by the quality of Mark Millar’s work these days, but talk about a fun comic. I just really like Huck, as a character and as a title. It feels like a love letter to Superman, and with the absence of actual Superman in all Superman comics, that’s kind of needed. B+