Reading Pile: 2/6/16

Reading Pile: 2/6/16

Mirror, Lois and Clark, Bloodshot, & Wild's End

Mirror #1- If you’ve been enjoying the anthology titles 8House and island from Image then you probably already know about this, but just in case you didn’t this is probably gonna be your jam. Emma Rios and Hwei Lim launch a beautifully conceived sci-fi/fantasy world where animals that were tested on and given human forms rebelled against their masters. The story takes place after the last sparks of the rebellion, but a new tale following a small rat/human hybrid named Zun begins that kickstarts some new intrigues and adventure. It’s a very compelling and dense read full of little nuances to this world, and the decorative and flowing nature of the art is truly engaging. For $2.99 it’s a great deal and introduction so definitely worth checking out. A

Superman: Lois and Clark #4- While there are elements that I liked to this issue, the series does feel like it is dragging its feet. That’s sort of the entirety of the DC line-up these days, but it’s especially frustrating on this title considering it’s the closest to a bone they are willing to toss us fans who hate the New 52. B-

Bloodshot Reborn #10- Even though I did really like the first story arc of this title’s run I have fallen behind, but whenever the launch a jump on point like this I always want to try and make sure to check in. It’s a really fun send up to Mad Max in this weird possible future story where Bloodshot is living a simple life but must seek out water for his small settlement of outcasts. Lewis Larosa’s artwork is certainly a highlight as his bleak and hyper dynamic art style gives the book the look of a high quality shot action film. If you just want a fun sci-fi/action thriller and are vaguely curious about Valiant or Bloodshot, this is a pretty fun spot to jump onto. A

Wild’s End: The Enemy Within #5- Dang. This issue really bummed me out. Not because it was bad, but because bad things happen to characters I like. And the fact that I’m fairly bummed makes me feel that this is an exceptionally well told story. Dang. B+