Reading Pile: 2/21/16

Reading Pile: 2/21/16

Voracious, More Than Meets The Eye, Mercury Heat, & Klaus

Voracious #1- This first issue was a pretty engaging launch as the first half of the book dealt with the trauma of losing someone and being directionless in life and then the second half turned into a story about time travel and killing dinosaurs so that the main character can open a restaurant and restart his life selling gourmet dino delicacies. Like really, that’s what the book is about. And it’s pretty dang fun. Writer Markisan Naso has a great voice, delivers some engaging characterization, and sets up a really well paced plot. Jason Muhr delivers art, lettering, and designs and the book has a crisp visual voice that really helps delivers the scripts. This was a great over-sized first issue that is well worth checking out. A

Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #49- Man, James Roberts is a sadistic and evil human and I love every script he puts forth. There are some genuinely horrible and creepy moments/characters/concepts in this issue, and any book that can offer you that range of villainy in their mythology about trucks that turn into robots and adorable characters like Tailgate deserves a reward. Or a punishment, not sure about that. A

Mercury Heat #7- Well I’m still here, and I’m impressed that Kieron Gillen is still here, so I’ll probably stay here. I was, for some odd reason, genuinely surprised by the end of this issue. It’s the start of a gratuitous crossover that I think is also sort of a joke, and maybe that’s why I’m sort of enthralled to continue reading. Gillen feels fully invested in this character and it really shows, and I really appreciate that considering the uber-violent nature of the series. Which is about to get more violent as it enters into a sort of tongue-in-cheek meta free-for-all next issue I believe. B

Klaus #3- I’m enjoying this issue by issue, but I do believe this will read fantastically as a collected edition. This was definitely a transition chapter with a lot of set-up happening, and Dan Mora’s artwork is stealing the show with every panel. A