Reading Pile: 10/5/13

Reading Pile: 10/5/13

Powerpuff Girls, Infinity, Baltimore, Adventures of Superman, Rat Queens, & Infinity Heist

Powerpuff Girls #1- Troy Little captures the style, tone, and voice of the cartoons perfectly. It doesn’t hurt that I’m a big Mojo Jojo fan and this issue is specifically geared towards him, but it was just a lot of fun. Perfect book for your kids, well worth the price, and the alternate covers are all kind of cool to boot. A+

Infinity #3- Something finally interesting really happens, so hopefully the series will veer away from your generic alien war/invasion and into a cool Kirby Inhumans pastiche with some nice Thanos tie-ins. One can dream. B

Baltimore: The Infernal Train #1- I still maintain that the complete collection of all the Baltimore mini-series and one shots comes together to be one of the best single pieces of horror fiction that has come out of comics over the past decade. Ben Stenbeck’s art is top notch and the overall tone, style, and atmosphere of the series is unique and incredibly well constructed. Seriously, go pick up the previous trades and catch up to this stuff, it’s great. A

Adventures of Superman #4-What’s that? Good Superman stories? It’s….it’s been so long. I’m not entirely sure how to react. “Tomorrow we not invade Canada”. Oh man. That’s some sweet sweet Bizarro speak to my ears.  Also? Best Superman cover in about two years. A-

Rat Queens #1-  A lot of fun, and while it may be against the point I now suddenly want a book staring the group Four Daves. Because seriously, the one Dave has bluebirds living in his beard and he is very touchy about people touching them.

I’m not entirely sure if it’s a good sign or a bad sign that I took more joy out of that one panel than over the rest of the book, but that alone is enough to bring me back for more. B+

Infinity Heist #1- I wonder if there is some sort of joint contract between DC and Marvel that states that whenever there is a major crossover happening Frank Tieri absolutely must be given a mini-series dealing with the mafia or super-villains during that event. I’m not entirely against it though, and I’m generally a fan of a bunch of alcoholic super-villains getting together to talk shop and plan heists. This one is more Iron Man centric than I would care for, but I guess the more interesting loser villains were snatched up for Superior Foes of Spider-Man.  B