Reading Pile: 10/4/13

Reading Pile: 10/4/13

Hinterkind, All-New X-Men, Mara, Justice League of America, God Is Dead, & Superior Spider-Man Team Up

Hinterkind #1- A very intriguing set-up that splices the post-apocalyptic craze with a fantasy twist for a change of pace. Ian Edginton pulls together a good plot, script, and concept that really draws you in and leaves you wanting more details. Francesco Trifogli’s artwork is solid and compliments the script well, giving the book a very strong sense of direction. This is the kind of boost Vertigo needs along with the likes of Trillium and the Wake, so hopefully they can keep the momentum strong on this title. A

All-New X-Men #17- I can appreciate that Bendis is approaching this convoluted time-travelling alternate future story with just the right amount of humor and self-awareness. I can also be a sucker for alternate future manifestations of characters, and this issue offers a handful of intriguing charaters. B+

Mara #6- Disappointing, anti-climactic, and preachy to boot. I think Brian Wood is a solid writer, but I’m never as excited as other people are about new projects of his. It took three issues for this series to get somewhat interesting, then you had two issues of wondering where it could go, and then with this issue I was left wondering why I even bothered. C

Justice League of America #7.2 Killer Frost- As new origins go for fairly uninteresting characters, this didn’t suck. I’ve read good Sterling Gates stories before so that doesn’t surprise, but I still consider it a waste of time. I can only reason that DC cared enough to do this book simply because she appears in the Injustice video game, but I still have a hard time caring. B-

God Is Dead #2- Much more interesting than the first issue, but the book could seriously use an artistic change. You should realize when most of the anthropomorphic gods tend to look more like cartoons that the tone is being missed. Still, there were some plot movements I found to be very interesting and I kind of love the Aztek weatherman giving forecasts about people being smitted. B

Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #3- This is what I call a momentum killer. On one hand we had Christopher Yost building some really well developed sub-plots through fun self-contained issues, and then suddenly we have a useless crossover by a completely different creative team. While I liked the art and the scripting wasn’t bad, I kind of resent books like this because I suddenly find something I was enjoying coming to a screeching halt. B-