The Problem(s) With Dark Knight III: Pt 7

The Problem(s) With Dark Knight III: Pt 7

The most important question is will the final slipcase be heavy enough for me to bludgeon a Time Warner executive with it?

This won’t be too long because I sort of already complained about it and covered the basics, but I feel it’s worth retreading because of the sheer scam aspect.

The slipcase that they will charge you for later, because money

So the normal edition of Dark Knight III #1 cost $5.99 for forty pages of story. To its credit, there is not one single ad in this comic which is almost baffling but if you look at how much money DC is getting from retailers on this deal they surely don’t need more money (haha I kid THEY WANT IT ALL). So you’re basically paying .15cents a page, which on average isn’t horrible. Your normal $3.99 DC or Marvel comic has about twenty pages average and is drowning in ads, so you’re paying about .20 cents a page plus a down payment in frustration.

And that's cool. I totally get it, I'm a sucker for art spines as well. Am I a sucker for $103.92 worth of art spines? In the immortal words of Hot Rod, not today Galvatron ( sucker punches Dan Didio and transforms into a car to GTFO)

The thing is, half of DK3 #1 is a mini comic, so it’s kind of weird in structure. So because someone at DC realized that maybe the mini-comic was weird but that they are committed to an idea no matter how bad it may be, someone proposed reprinting it as a hardcover. Each individual issue, as a hardcover. For $12.99. I can’t stress just how bad of a deal that is, because guess what? Besides including the Frank Miller 1/100 variant cover and the Klaus Janson 1/25 variant cover, there is no new material in this hardcover edition. It’s slightly taller and has a sketch cover by Jim Lee. Oh, and while I don’t expect them to include the retailer exclusive variants for #1 they neglect to include the 1/10 Jill Thompson variant and the 1/50 Dave Gibbons variant. Unless they put those in the hardcover for #2 (which I doubt), they didn’t even give you a complete package.

One of the variants I actually like and it's not included

So suddenly your cost per page went up to .32cents. You just got charged extra for them to present the complete story in the correct order (unless you skipped getting the normal edition then yay you get to read it right the first time). This is horribly familiar with DC’s double dipping publishing strategy in its Batman trades, where they print a core series but then print a separate collection of crossovers and re-represent a few issues from the core series, so if you bought both editions you just double paid for some of the same content. I loath that element of their current trade programs.

One of the variants that I am totally apathetic towards and it's not included

The positives? It’s taller, it’s nicely bound, and the spines will merge to form one image. All of these are good. I get it. I do. But like I said in the last article, I hate charging that much for unoriginal content. So as an alternative, allow me to recommend a couple other collections that are just $9.99 and have more story content:

Saga Vol 1, $9.99, 160 pages

Giant Days Vol 1, $9.99, 112 pages

Autumnlands TP Vol 1, $9.99, 184 pages

East of West Vol 1 TP, $9.99, 152 pages

I can even recommend DC trades that are a better deal. Like seriously, SAVE SOME MONEY AND BUY MORE QUALITY COMICS. To be Continued…….

Laid back [with my mind on my money and my money on my mind]