Price Check: Is It Worth It?

Price Check: Is It Worth It?

Manhattan Projects HC & The Multiversity HC

Manhattan Projects Deluxe Edition Vol 1 HC- Published by Image, $34.99- Coming in at 320 pages, this handsomely designed and bound oversized hardcover edition reprints the first ten issues of the dark comedy/sci-fi alternate history mystery written by Jonathan Hickman with art by Nick Pitarra (& Ryan Browne in chapter 10). That’s the equivalent of the first two softcover collections and, depending on which printing of vol 1 of the softcover you find, it’s really only $5-10 more in cost.

Yes they are simple, but I like them and want them

You get some decent back-matter but not a whole lot. There are sketches, character designs, and an abundance of Hickman graphic design work. It’s worth noting the complete absence of the original covers, and while they are minimalist in overall design I feel that leaving them out is a loss. Ideally they will include them in the future volumes, or perhaps in a separate companion piece that breaks down Hickman’s own design work. All-in-all, these are a great upgrade from the softcovers and a nice addition to a collection of similarly scales Image hardcovers, but the completist in me misses about 10 pages worth of material. Worth It, But Gimme Them Covers.

The Multiversity Deluxe Edition HC- Published by DC Comics, $49.99- Written by Grant Morrison with art by an array of amazing and talented artists, this nice oversized edition hardcover collects the entirety of Multiversity event and the package clocks in at about 448 pages. Now if you add up all 9 issues of the event it those issues would cost you about $49 bucks. Now  the real winner that makes this more than just a fair value package is that it includes all of the variant covers, and man there were a lot of variant covers. Some of the really fantastic as well, so you get the added benefit of that art gallery plus character designs from Morrison, sketch work by various artists, and a neat little set of notes about the Multiversal map Morrison created.

On that notes, it’s worth mentioning that the inside of the dustjacket itself is a reproduction of the Multiversal Map, while the art on the hardcover itself is a nice piece of Ivan Reis art featuring most of the key characters in the series. So I have to say that while the price point is high, it is well worth it for such an entertaining story and that they did put a lot of effort and forethought into this hardcover production. Well Worth It.