Price Check: Is It Worth It?

Price Check: Is It Worth It?

Groot HC & Goon Library Vol 1

Groot HC- Published by Marvel, $24.99- Jeff Loveness and Brian Kesinger’s lovingly well-crafted and emotionally uplifting mini-series featuring the cosmic adventures of Groot is collected at a price of $24.99, which is actually a decent price. Marvel has put me off plenty of times with their higher than necessary price points, but this six issue series originally would have cost you $23.94 anyway so for the extra buck you get a nicely bound edition that’s a little taller than the normal comic size. For 136 pages that’s really not too bad, plus you get all of the covers plus the variant covers. For one of the most enjoyable mini-series of 2015, that’s a lot of win. So you can probably wait for the softcover and potentially save $5, but as it is I would recommend this particular edition. Definitely Worth It.

The Goon Library HC Vol 1-Published by Dark Horse, $39.99- It’s a library edition from Dark Horse, so of course it’s worth it. I don’t even have to do a review, but for the sake of explaining just how good Dark Horse is at the hardcover game I’ll give you the breakdown. This is the equivalent of the first four Goon softcover trades, and when you put those together you get a base retail value of about $68 bucks. Following so far? So this oversized, supremely well designed and sturdy hardcover edition not only has those four volumes, but also includes the forewords to every previous edition, plus sketches, plus original trade dress artwork, and a slew of additional backmatter. For less than the original price value and with a higher quality of production. And that original production value wasn’t bad by any means.

So how many pages does that add up to? There are 496 pages of content to this book. That’s 496 pages you could read, or 496 pages that you could use as a weapon because this is a great thing you could just throw at a person. Not that I’m condoning violence here, but I tend to grade all my bound hardcovers on whether they could be used for blunt force trauma, and really, I feel like that’s keeping in spirit with the Goon. But I digress.

If you like the Goon already, this is a fantastic way to upgrade. If you’ve never read the Goon, this is an affordable way to get a chunk of it in one sitting, and an interesting study to see how Eric Powell developed over the years. And if you hate the Goon, then this is a slightly expensive heavy object to just throw at people, but at least it can double as a gift. Hell Yes This Is Worth It.