Marvel Speed Review: 2/15/16

Marvel Speed Review: 2/15/16

Old Man Logan, All-New All-Different Avengers, Howard the Duck, & Patsy Walker

Old Man Logan #1- On one hand, I like Lemire’s scripting a bit more than Bendis, and he works well with Sorrentino. On the otherhand, I’m generally not a fan of my heroes straight up murdering people who didn’t commit crimes, even if their alternate future version of them did. I just don’t really care for the tone of it right off the bat, but that’s something that can change relatively quickly. It is just one more notch on my lists of reasons to stay away from mutants however and Marvel’s horrible need to make anything with an X-man as convoluted as possible. So we’re keeping normal Wolverine dead, but let’s bring up his alternate future version after surviving a multi-universal crisis. That’s not going to be confusing at all…… B

All-New All Different Avengers #4- This book is by no means groundbreaking in any way, but it is fun. And while the title is a frustrating abuse of adjectives, I just have to say a fun superhero book is refreshing. Waid is dropping minor sub-plots here and there, Asrar’s art is clean and engaging, and the characters are experiencing interesting dynamics. It’s just fun. B+

Howard the Duck #4- Still love this title. The introduction of a Galactus groupie is fantastic. A

Patsy Walker, AKA Hellcat #2- And this maintains the fun and tone from the first issue incredibly well. I hope Marvel keeps this title going for as long as Leth and Williams can take it, because it’s a nice tonal switch from the larger group titles like the various Avengers and X-titles that don’t seem to be doing as well as they can be. A-