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The Raid: Redemption & Starship Troopers: Invasion

The Raid: Redemption-Sometimes you just feel like watching a movie where a lot of people die truly violent deaths in heavily choreographed fight scenes.  For those moments, may I recommend The Raid? Because people die. A lot. And you will probably wince at some of their deaths, which is saying something considering how desensitized we are to violence these days.

The great thing is that this movie doesn’t even pretend to be anything else or pander to a demographic that probably wouldn’t care to watch it anyway. There is no romance or over complicated mystery. The plot is pretty straight forward, focusing on a police raid on a building that’s owned and operated by a criminal overlord. Once the invasion is obvious to him, he announces that it’s open hunting season to everyone living or operating in the building. Violence ensues. A couple plot twist here and there, and then pretty much just more violence.

The fight scenes are great and fast paced, allowing for a bit more believability than your usual action movie. They are also exceptionally brutal, particular when the main character starts utilizing a knife. The final fight is truly impressive, and I actually wanted to root for the bad guy despite all the, y’know, murder.

The acting was solid, special effects short but well done, and the overall plot entertaining. Well worth checking out. A-

Star Ship Troopers: Invasion- I didn’t bother to watch the sequels to the first movie because, well……why? The first movie has a place in my heart for its overall shlockiness, but I never liked Casper Van Dien or Denise Richards. The great news is that this doesn’t even feature their voices, so their characters are actually bearable and kinda interesting. This does feel like an over glorified collection of video game cut scenes, but the animation is nice enough that it doesn’t really come off as a bad thing. . I was going to say I’m not sure when everybody decided to turn into Master Chief, but then I realized it was probably the best way to get some extra sales.

Also, at some point the character of Johnny Rico turned into Snake from Metal Gear with a whole bunch of cool ninja moves and a mecha.

The sad thing is there is no Neil Patrick Harris, however the character he played is really creeptastic and a whole lot more interesting.

A lot of the other characters are just one note tropes introduced for the sole purpose of dying, but you should have guessed that going into this so there’s no real surprise or disappointment. Pretty much, if you want to see an action sci-fi animation with a simple enough plot and a couple minor twists, this is perfect for you.  It can’t be any worse than having to watch a movie with Denise Richards, so embrace the blood and guts be thankful. B


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