Reading Pile: 3/7/13

Sex, Avenging Spider-Man, Five Weapons, & Batman Inc

Sex #1- I was honestly a bit disappointed in this first issue. I’ve generally enjoyed most of Joe Casey’s books, and I absolutely loved Butcher Baker the Righteous Maker. I’m not sure if it was more the artwork or the scripting, but the story just sort of plodded along. Essentially it’s about a retired superhero that comes back to his city, but made a promise that he wouldn’t get back in costume. The concept itself isn’t too new, but the execution is where Casey could pull it off if he picks up the next few issues with actual things happening. As this first issue stands, it may veer into a direction of debauchery and it may not, there really wasn’t that much sex at all in the comic. It’s all set-up with very little pay-off, and the most interesting thing is the back-matter material. Also, the choice to highlight certain words in dialogue with color blocks was just distracting with no obvious pay-off. I could just be desensitized, but the whole issue was just sorta boring. Well put together, but boring. B-

Avenging Spider-Man #17- They really should just give Christopher Yost more titles to write in the Marvel Universe. He has a great handle on characterization and dialogue, and he just knows how to tell a fun story. A-

Five Weapons #1- It’s like reading Bomb Queen without all the gratuitous boob shots and with a more focused storyline. The core idea of a newbie student attending a school for would-be killers isn’t new, but Robinson just has fun with it and sets up an intriguing story. Robinson has a fun art style that compliments his storytelling very well, and it’s interesting to see him use a horizontal panel layout to increase the density of his story. Fun read, worth giving a try. B+

Batman Incorporated #8- It’s funny to see people getting all excited about a ‘death’ issue like this one when we really have no reason to take it seriously for the long term. While I don’t doubt that Morrison has planned this for a while and may want to keep the character dead for the rest of his run, you need to remember his run has like a few issues left to it and then DC can kinda do whatever they feel. It’s difficult for me to really be excited/surprised/impressed by such things anymore. The book still worked for me and I thought it was a well-executed (no pun intended) issue, I just think the circus around it is frustratingly strange. B+