Reading Pile: 3/4/13

Nova, Justice League of America, The Rocketeer & Injustice

Nova #1- Huh. That was probably the best Jeph Loeb story that I’ve read in over five years. It was fun with nice art, and it didn’t really do anything to screw over the previous Nova. Mind you I’m wary of the long term story telling after the horrendous crap Loeb has been penning for Marvel (Ultimatum, anyone?), but if he can keep the tone adventurous and playful then this could be a solid addition to the sci-fi world of Marvel. B+

Justice League of America #1- A decent set-up for a continuity that I don’t give a flying crap about. Seriously, nothing infuriates me more in general than the sexy skinny Amanda Waller, so considering she’s the showrunner of this Justice League I’m just going to have a constant reminder about the things I hate about the New 52. Johns shoehorning Stargirl into the story is another reminder of good continuity thrown out the window as he’s going to have to find a way to re-introduce her backstory without the JSA and Jack Knight. As a Martian Manhunter fan I’ve been cringing with every appearance he’s made in the New 52 as well, so latch onto that the fact I don’t give a crap about Vibe, Catwoman, Green Arrow, Katana, or the 52 Hawkman and well…..why the hell did I pick this up to read? Ah, right, vitriol. I guess the nicest thing I can say is that David Finch’s art didn’t make me want to claw my eyes out, and that he used significantly less double page splashes than Jim Lee usually does. A whoopadeedoo.  C+

The Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror #1- So far all of the IDW Rocketeer books have just been nothing but fun, and Langridge and Bone are setting up what looks to be just a good adventure comic. I’ve been following J Bone online and it’s nice to see him get a good gig like this. Langridge is just a great storyteller in general with a good sense of humor. Really, if you just want a good pulpy hero comic, you need to give these books a shot. A-

Injustice Gods Among Us #2- I am still immensely surprised by just how entertaining these video game prequel books are so far. Honestly, with the exception of the costume designs this is a better continuity than the New 52. Actually, the costume designs are better than the 52 versions in general, but still stupid compared to pre-52 (to make that nice and confusing). There are some actual genuine character moments, sincere emotion, and humor in the interaction between Green Arrow and Harley Quinn as they talk about relationships and names for GA’s secret hideout.  Seriously, if they had a mini-series about Oliver trying to babysit Harley Quinn, I would read the hell out of it. A-