Reading Pile: 2/9/13

Fearless Defenders, Great Pacific, & Winter Soldier

The Fearless Defenders #1-Man. I’m not sure what it is but it just seems like Cullenn Bunn can not translate his awesomeness that he’s perfected on the Sixth Gun onto his Marvel work. I’m sure a lot of it must be the art. I mean Will Sliney isn’t horrible here, but it’s pretty meh. His figures need to dial it back a bit and his faces are kind of painful to look at sometimes. At one point he achieves a Greg Land face and that’s just nothing to be proud of. It’s kind of obnoxious to have a nice Mark Brooks cover and then you have to settle with the nearly wooden interior artwork. There just wasn’t anything interesting about the plot either, and the characterization was just as stiff as the art. It wasn’t so much that this was a bad comic (I’m just picky, I know I am), it’s just that I’m disappointed. It’s like when Marvel kept having Kirkman work on books like Jubilee or Marvel Team-Up. Seriously, play to their strengths. Let Bunn pen a new Wild West series or Western Ghost Rider, or at least give him a new Brother Voodoo. B-

Great Pacific #4- I’ve been kind of half expecting this series to start dragging its feet, but Harris and Morazzo have built up a nice amount of background and development for this title to keep things interesting. Still worth checking out. B+

Winter Soldier #15- I don’t know about you guys, but the past two years of Brubaker on the Captain America titles felt like it was time for him to go. Nothing was outright bad, but it just felt like he was waiting out his contract. You can only tell the whole ‘frozen soldier lost in time comes back for vengeance against Cap and/or Bucky’ story so many times. I still need to catch up with the last six months of this title, and while I’m willing to accept that they were good I just haven’t had the motivation. This relaunch featuring Latour and Klein totally caught my attention though, so I wanted to see if this could stand as a good jump on point. Totally nailed it for me. I’ve really liked Klein’s artwork on past projects like Viking and Dancer, and Latour has been doing some really interesting work like the series Loose Ends. I felt like they did a really great job of picking up from wherever Brubaker left off and creating their own momentum to push the character forward. If you were thinking of abandoning ship with this issue I would really recommend against it. A-