Reading Pile: 2/8/13

Fairy Quest & Green Arrow

Fairy Quest: Outlaws #1- This is probably the best artwork that Humberto Ramos has put forth in about a decade. There’s an important thing to understand about his artwork; there will never be a time where he can draw correct anatomy. It will always be exaggerated. The trick is, he has two levels of exaggeration. What we tend to see these days is comic exaggeration, where Spider-Man’s torso is so twisted that his true power is to avoid a hernia. Or for Spider-Woman to have a small enough waist to fit into a small cup, or for Gambit to not even have an actual chest cavity or stomach but some sort of twisty…..thing….where all of his guts call home. Then you have Ramos’ cartoon exaggeration, and that stuff actually kind of rocks the party that rocks the party. It looks like something that could be adapted for a Cartoon Network series and stand side by side with Adventure Time or Gravity Falls. He even experiments more with some finer detail and some uber crosshatching on a few pages and it looks really nice. So considering I haven’t been able to stand his artwork for quite some time, I have to honestly say this is worth checking out for the artwork. As for the story, it’s another Fables analog basically. This time all the fairy tale characters are under the rule of Grimm and have to play to a perfect script, and Red Riding Hood wants her freedom and the right to be friends with the Wolf and blah blah blah. It’s kind of like if Fables met V For Vendetta and a splash of Disney. It’s well scripted, I just hope there is a nice twist or two in the next issue to make the story stand out a bit more. B

Green Arrow #17- I’m not even watching the show Arrow, and I feel like I just watched an episode. I have to say that while I kinda hate pre-52 Oliver Queen, at least I kind of cared about his exploits. This young rich hero making mistakes bullcrap? It bored the hell out of me. Jeff Lemire is a fine scripter, but I just didn’t have any moment where I thought this was gripping. Plus, Andrea Sorrentino’s artwork on I, Vampire was like a million times better than the effort on this book. I thought maybe because it was a rush job, but looking at the credits I see that he was also the colorist and, well……..perhaps he should just tackle one hurdle at a time. The Green Arrow title has been the perfect example of practically everything that’s wrong with the 52 relaunch. Inconsistent storytelling and editing,  rapidly changing creative teams, a faulty reboot of a character that was still interesting despite being a douche, and far too much corporate oversight in the creation of the product. I get it, you have a tv show that’s somewhat popular for the moment. Stop it with the goddamn banners on all your comics and there really wasn’t a need to reboot your reboot to make it look more like your rebooted tv version. C