Reading Pile: 2/15/13

Doctor Who, Homeland Directive, Threshold, The End Times of Bram and Ben & Storm Dogs

Doctor Who: Prisoner of Time #1- While the actual storytelling and scripting were fine along with the artwork, the core problem of this book is that it relies heavily on your exposure to particular eras of Doctor Who. I’ve only seen the modern series starting with Eccleston and through season five and have only the faintest exposure to any of the previous material. This first issue drops you in the middle of an adventure with the First Doctor and three of his companions and pretty much expects you to know who they are and how their characters interact. The overall premise of the series will have us experience an incarnation of the Doctor with each issue, meaning I pretty much won’t care until issue nine comes out. I’m sure longtime Who fans will probably love this, but it’s not really for the casual reader. B-

The Homeland Directive GN- I enjoyed the Surrogates and have been enjoying Venditti’s scripting on X-O Manowar, plus I love Mike Huddleston's work on the Coffin, Deep Sleeper, and Butcher Baker the Righteous Maker. This is a pretty solid conspiracy story following an internal terror plot in the US that’s aimed to strengthen the resolve of the Nation against future threats. Four separate government workers from different agencies have all banned together in an attempt to save the life of a civilian stuck in the crosshairs of the conspiracy, and the story does a great job of balancing the storytelling among the different perspectives. It’s a pretty fun and rewarding read for the relatively inexpensive price of $14.95, which I think is worth it alone for the artwork. A-

Threshold #2- This issue picked up the pace from the first and set up some more story elements and characters. It’s interesting that they are including Blue Beetle in the book, and it’s a fairly clever use of the scarab background along with the Green Lantern stuff. Then you get some more Larfleeze and you can’t really go too wrong with that. B+

The End Times of Bram and Ben #2- This is turning out to be a fun little mini-series so far and I just like the general storytelling, art, and sense of humor. Plus, that’s a pretty nice cover. B+

Stormdogs #3- Even though it hasn’t been too long a gap between issue #2 and #3, I feel like I did need some refreshing on the plot and characters. I think this will be a much stronger read as a trade though, and am looking forward to sitting down with the entire story in one sitting. B