Reading Pile: 2/12/13

New Deadwardians & Legend of the Shadow Clan

New Deadwardians TP- I meant to read this from the start but fell behind and decided to just wait it out. I’m kind of glad I did because it read fantastically as one good sit through, but I’m also sorry I waited because I would have liked to push this more as it was coming out. Dan Abnett is a great script writer and he’s concocted a perfect mix of post-Victorian police drama and post-modern horror. I.N.J Culbard’s art is the perfect fit for the story as well, a clean and fluid style that’s reminiscent of Guy Davis, Paulo Rivera, and Cliff Chiang. The story and art create a balanced pace that sets the atmosphere with subtle horror, intriguing class division, and clever little touches that set it apart from most other supernatural comics.  It’s also incredibly well priced at $14.99 for eight issues, which means they dropped the issue by issue price to under $2. If you like zombies, vampires, murder mysteries, or period pieces and find yourself tired with most of the current things on the market, you should really give this a try. My only problem with it is that I hope they do a sequel but I didn’t get the distinct feeling they would necessarily return. A+

Legend of the Shadow Clan #1- Y’know for a buck it really wasn’t that bad. Wohl, Foxhoven, and Smith told a fairly dense story with decent scripts and pacing and the art is solid without the usual forced flair you get from Aspen chosen artists. It definitely still has a house-style to it, but thankfully it doesn’t have all of that Turner/Silvestri inspired scabby armor style with the hyper sketchy lines. It still remains to be seen if they have some more clever twists to play with, because at the moment by just looking at the covers I feel like I could predict how most of the story will go from here because I’ve seen enough movies. Japanese-American family finds itself thrust into an age-old conspiracy, children have to learn the ancient ways of the ninja to survive the coming reckoning blah blah blah insert international threat blah blah blah possibly magic although most likely a techy/sci-fi explanation coming blah blah blah one kid is the main male lead trying to find motivation in his angst, one is the sexy sassy sister, the other the nerdy computer guru. Again, hopefully there are some twists coming because just being a well told story buried under tropes isn’t going to cut it, but I can see some potential. B